The BigShoe® stands for a worldwide growing network of football and sports fans, helping poor children with life changing medical operations and more.


Since FIFA World Cup 2006 in Germany we are a worldwide growing network of sports stars and fans, helping children from disadvantaged communities to gain access to life changing services. The Togo national team was based in Wangen im Allgäu (near to the border of Austria/Germany/Switzerland). When football fans heard about the little girl Nourisson from Togo who was born with a cleft, they began collecting money to help paying her life-changing surgery. Since then many honorable medical teams have helped more than 1600 children all over the world. So began the great idea and story of BigShoe®

BigShoe® keeps walking and together with the WC 2010 (South Africa), WC 2014 (Brazil), EC 2012 (Ukraine and Poland), EC 2016 (France) and WC 2018 (Russia)….

2014 Mesut Özil take over the costs on 11 children during the WorldCup in Brazil. Through his engagement, the BigShoe® has become world famous. Up till today, Paul Pogba, Antonio Rüdiger, Philipp Lahm, Oleksandr Zinchenko and Bukayo Saka have joined the BigShoe® Team with one Goal: helping children together with sports.