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How can YOU help?

Support us by building up the BigShoe network – Medical teams are invited to operate a child/children for BigShoe in an honorary act – Tell other people – Take over a sponsorship for an operation of a needy child and donate:

You have 2 possibilities to donate:

1. Our bank account: BigShoe e.V., IBAN: DE 94 650 920 10 00 42 901 006, Volksbank Allgaeu West eG, BIC GENODES1WAN 


2. Using the attached formular (paypal, credit card, bank account) from our partner “betterplace (non-profit organisation).

Many small donations certainly also result in a needed surgery. BigShoe will be happy to assign your name to an operation.

BigShoe e.V. is a non-profit organisation!

Thank you very much for your help!